Export rate models - how to get results?

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Export rate models - how to get results?

Postby trw1089 » Wed Feb 24, 2016 5:37 pm

Hi all

I've been trying to set up a very basic export rate model and while I can set the model up correctly in terms of FUs, constituents etc, when I run the model, I get no results even after turning all recorders on.

In configuring up the project, I run 1 year at an annual timestep as we used to do previously in earlier versions of the software, but I note that the recorder only has flow listed as a recording option for Total Flow and Outflow (where you normally get constituent loads from), and the constituent generation model recorder doesn't have anything other than zeroes.

Now while I can strongly believe that this may just be a case of PLBCAC, I was wondering if anyone could advise how to get some loads out of an export rate model.

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